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Clairvoyants HahaMy dad used to tell us how this clairvoyant accurately predicted his paternal grandmother’s death. My great-grandmother was playing mah-jong when this old Taoist monk-garbed palm reader/fortune-teller offered to read her palm (for a small fee). The man “saw” and told my great-grandmother that she would not live pass the age of 70.

Later when my great-grandmother was nearing her 70th birthday, she decided to live out her final days by just playing mah-jong incessantly (regardless of the time of day as long as there were people willing to shuffle the tiles with her). This tile-game was something she loved and enjoyed passionately. From that point on, she was at the mah-jong table for as long as she could into the wee hours of the morning and I presume that she also ate and drank insufficiently.

Shortly after her 70th birthday and while still shuffling her tiles at the table, she went into cardiac arrest! Dad said that he saw her desperately gasping for air and was in a lot of pain during her last hour.

So, was that clairvoyant so freakishly accurate?

My take on this is that my great grandmother did a self-fulfilled prophesy on her death! Anyone even HALF her age would collapsed or drop dead with that kind of physical punishment!

Now, I honestly don’t know if there are any so-called “real” clairvoyants or fortune-tellers out there nor is it fair for me to stereotype them as none being so. From my own experiences, I have not met with any (yet?). I used to follow my Dad since I was a kid to numerous of these clairvoyants/phychics or whatever you want to call them from palm-readers; face-readers; tarot-card readers; playing cards-readers; Chinese bone-measuring methods; numerology; predictions through date and time of births; crystal balls; i-Ching; dice-rolling ; to the coin-operated fortune-telling vending machine that we found outside a Siamese temple in Ipoh when I was a kid (where I was totally fascinated with the little turban-wearing automaton inside the glass display of the machine that would spin a “wheel-of-one’s-fate” every time a coin was dropped into the machine. When the wheel stopped spinning, a scroll would drop out with a reading of the coin-depositor’s fate printed on it).

I believe my dad developed his interests in clairvoyants after witnessing the fate of his grandmother due to the accuracy of that clairvoyant’s prediction of the woman’s mortality to the mark. He was so drawn to fortune-tellers that he used to “hide” his visits from my mom, but he took me along for company with a tacit agreement that we went “to the supermarket” instead (there were no “malls” then). I guess mom had played along because she never questioned why we never brought anything back from “the supermarket”!

Even at that age, I realized that the “accuracy” of most clairvoyants’ so considered answers came from their skilful questioning posed on the clients. They also gather information from “casual” conversations before or in-between reading sessions and were skilful listeners. They knew the psyche of their anxious, curious and mostly desperate clients and how to work on them as though they themselves were (uncertified) therapists. Whatever they have read of my dad’s regardless of their popularity or having charged exorbitant fees, none ever came true! As for the not-so-good stuff that we got from these people, we tend to put a little more attention on them just to be cautious but they tend to manifest into paranoia! Like my great grandmother, we sometimes manifested our own predicaments!

Despite witnessing what my dad, his friends and relatives experienced with clairvoyants, I dabbled into it myself giving them clairvoyants the benefit of the doubt that I might have finally stumbled upon one that was “real” or accurate. I was fresh out of college and into the working world (and having chosen advertising) where I found myself constantly at the mercy of mean, if not mad and sadistic superiors; later, with the affliction from failed relationships and lost loves. It was out of desperation that we tend to seek whatever that could give us a glint of hope or solution to our so-considered “predicaments”.

Most of my experiences also ended up with the advice of keeping charms and talisman sold by these clairvoyants to ‘activate’ what I was seeking (despite knowing that my dad already had a slew of redundant, hideous-looking objects occupying precious space in his house bought from his clairvoyants through the years). Of course none were ever effective despite paying ridiculous prices for them. A lot of times, my solutions came after the elimination of fear, then a process in clear-thinking and taking rational steps toward the problem. I am sure talisman or charms have nothing to do with it!

At this point of my life, I realized that the best fortune-teller one could consult is within us and that is our gut feeling. Whatever consequences your decisions have brought you to could only make one stronger as long as we don’t repeat the wrong ones. Believing in yourself, being confident and the most importantly, being positive will very likely create the life one seek if we keep working at it.

Oh, and always give thanks to whatever we already have.


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