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satisfyingly huge

Everybody knows I am a big fan of avocados, so when my colleague scaled Mount Kinabalu for the 3rd time, she brought me 3 huge ones (plus a bag of coffee) from there! I have never seen avocados this huge before. According to this colleague Ina, these East Malaysian grown avocados could grow to about 2 ½ times bigger than the Australian and South African counterparts!

My question is why are these not available here? Instead, we pay through our noses for the Australian and South African ones! Taste-wise, these are even better than what I have tasted so far (these have sweeter taste)!

Below: 1) Even the seed is as big as a mandarin orange or tangerine!
2) Nothing is more satisfying to me than a glass of avocado juice in the morning! Just this alone could hold my appetite until lunch!


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